The events calendar


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I love this plugin!

Nice tool, works really great!

This is a nice program. It could use a few improvements. I am using the free version so maybe those improvements are included in the paid version.

When I list the times for our events I can only list the on hour time. for example: If a meeting is at 10:30 I have to list it for either 10:00 or 11:00.

I can include details as a rollover, but as soon as the mouse leaves the link, the rollover vanishes. You have to click on the link to see all the details. A minor inconvenience, but an inconvenience nonetheless.

Event Calendar WD is an extremely useful tool for managing appointments. Thank you for your work.

Very good



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Does everything most will want in a calendar. When I had an issue (turned out to be a Google problem, not a My Calendar one), the developer was quick to respond on the Word Press Forum. If you use a Google API key, be sure to enable both the Google Maps Javascript API and the Google Geocoding API in the Google Console. Otherwise My Calendar won’t be able to find a Google location from an address, only from the GPS coordinates.

Highly recommended, without reservations.

The plugin is good, but the support you get from Joe is awesome. I have had this plugin for close to a year along with My Ticket and just purchased Calendar Pro only because of the support I have received. With so many variations of calendars out there it doesn’t matter how good something looks if you can’t operate it. What matters to me is, when you can’t operate it there is someone to guide you through it. Thank you Joe Dolson for your tremendous help. I wish I could give an additional start for your support,

It has a lot of features and works like a charm. Thanx!

I use this plugin in free version and I’m very satisfied. Very configurable.

I love this plugin. With some knowledge of css and html you can customize everything to perfectly fit in your website. Great.

While it’s easy enough to set up locations and events, the out-of-the-box output templates are, honestly, useless. Ugly formatting, and missing critical information like titles, start times and end times.

And the documentation is really poor. I could spend the time to figure it all out, but I need to be able to roll this out to less-savvy users on my multisite installation for them to activate as needed without my intervention.


  • Adds link to full documentation and short walk-through video
  • Developers: Adds additional param to the ecs_start_tag filter with the number of events


Fix for using order=’DESC’ to order events in descending order by event date, with the latest version of The Events Calendar (by Modern Tribe)


Adds a block in addition to the shortcode that can be used with the new WordPress editor (as of version 5.0) or Gutenberg plugin

  • Adds check for minimum WordPress and PHP version
  • Adds a link to a short tutorial video
  • Changes first example shortcode so it’s easier to copy/paste
  • Hide the “at” when using venue=’true’ and an event has no venue
  • Adds additional WordPress filters to hide certain events
  • Fix for month option where there’s an all-day event the first day of the next month
  • Fix for “There are no events” string not being translated automatically into other languages
  • Fixes translation of the “View all events” link into other languages
  • Adds orderby parameter to order by start date, but still show events until the end date has passed
  • Additional filter for changing the link for an event
  • Adds category CSS classes for each event, so you can format each category differently
  • Fixes issue with “viewall” showing the events twice
  • Fixes time zone issue by using current_time() instead of date()
  • Hides events that are marked ‘hide from listing’
  • Switches to tribe_get_events() to get the events
  • Removes the … from the end of the excerpt if less than the excerpt length
  • Adds date_thumb option
  • Adds additional filters

Add Link to Thumbnail merge pull request from d4mation -Replaced extracted variables with $atts as using extract was deprecated =1.0.10 = Minor Error Change – fix name and slug

Displaying Your Calendar and Events

Once you have set up everything, you should add your calendar shortcode to a blog post or page to promote your events. Doing so will display a calendar with all upcoming events.

The free version of Event Calendar WD does not allow you to change the design.

Users can look at events in the coming days, weeks, months, and years.

Clicking on an event on on the calendar will take the user to the event information page. All the information you added about the event will be displayed on this page.

The general look and feel of this page will depend on the WordPress theme you are using. It is worth remembering that the description of your event could easily be styled using a drag and drop page builder plugin.

An example of an event with the Twenty Fifteen WordPress theme activated.

If you click on the venue on the event page, you will be taken to a page that provides information about the venue.

The page shows a description of the venue and a map. Underneath is a list of all upcoming events at that venue.

An example of the venue information page.

That is all there is to Event Calendar WD. I found the plugin very easy to use and the ability to add descriptions via the WordPress editor means that you can add practically anything to the description of an event or venue.

Events Manager

В то время как The Events Calendar занимает первое место на, Events Manager занимает второе место с более чем 100 000 активных установок.

Как и The Events Calendar, плагин Events Manager помогает создавать и управлять событиями на сайтах WordPress. Некоторые из уникальных функций, которые он предлагает:

  • Выделенная интеграция BuddyPress.
  • Повторяющиеся и многодневные мероприятия (и в бесплатной версии).
  • Пользовательские атрибуты событий, позволяющие добавлять дополнительную структурированную информацию.
  • Просмотр местоположения (и в бесплатной версии).
  • Бронирование / регистрация.

Как и в случае с The Events Calendar, с плагином Events Manager можно легко создать свое первое и последующие события. Вы можете настроить различные параметры плагина в одном большом интерфейсе и сразу перейти к добавлению событий и мест:

Однако стиль по умолчанию в Events Manager не так хорош, как в первом плагине, по крайней мере, в теме «Twenty Seventeen».

Events Maker

Данный плагин рассчитан в большей мере на планирование всяческих мероприятий и массовых встреч. Если вы читаете лекции, или проводите семинары, обучая людей, данный модуль будет идеален для ваших потребностей.

Events Maker – полнофункциональный календарь событий, который позволяет управлять повторяющимися мероприятиями, задавать локации и даже интегрировать фрагменты карты Google Maps в описание. Хоть это и мощный плагин, им легко управлять. Дополнение очень гибкое, потому юзеры смогу просматривать с любого устройства предстоящие события за месяц, неделю и даже день. Плагин прекрасно переведен на русский язык. С ним вы сможете создать полноценное описание для каждого мероприятия так, чтобы заранее ответить на все возможные вопросы участвующих.

Единственный недостаток Events Maker – он работает не со всеми темами WordPress. Потому для установки вам придется немного попотеть, пообщаться с создателем шаблона, чтобы он мог интегрировать плагин.

Day view

The following templates are located at: .

Template What it Does
Wrapper for the day view template, including the events bar, top bar, and the events in the day view.
Template for a single event in day view.
Template for the day view navigation, with the next and previous links.
Template for the time separator in day view.
Template for the day view top bar.
Template for all day and multiday separators.
Template for the event cost.
Template for the event date.
Template for the event description.
Template for the event featured image.
Template for the event title.
Template for the event venue.
Template for the event date meta.
Template for the disabled Next button in the day view navigation.
Template for the Next button in the day view navigation.
Template for the disabled Previous button in the day view navigation.
Template for the Previous button in the day view navigation.
Template for the day view top bar datepicker field.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between The Events Calendar and The Events Calendar Pro?

The Events Calendar is our cornerstone plugin, and it’s required in order to run any of our premium calendar add-ons, including Events Calendar Pro, Community Events, Filter Bar, and others.

In other words, Events Calendar Pro runs alongside The Events Calendar and enhances it with extra features, including recurring events, additional calendar views, calendar shortcodes, advanced widgets, custom event fields and more.

Do I have to renew my subscription annually?

To keep your plugin up-to-date and retain access to assistance from our support team, yes, you need to renew each year.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to renew in order to keep using our products. Once you download and install our plugins, they’re yours to use as long as you like. But if you don’t renew your subscription, you won’t receive important product updates or support.

What does each license type include?

In most simple cases a single license will suffice. In fact, if your domain name matches any of the following patterns our system will automatically assume that you are working on a staging site (and will not count it against the number of installations allowed by your license key)

Can I have more than one calendar on my site?

Unfortunately, no. However, you can use event categories or tags to create calendar views that only display certain events. For example, you could create a direct link to a calendar view that only shows events categorized as “Fitness,” like this example from our demo site.

With Events Calendar Pro, you can use shortcodes to embed your calendar on other WordPress pages and posts, then filter that calendar by category.

Can I allow people to submit events to my calendar?

Absolutely! Our Community Events add-on is designed to facilitate submissions. Install Community Events alongside The Events Calendar and a page will be added to your WordPress site with a form that visitors can use to submit events. As the calendar owner, you have full control over whether event submissions are published immediately or require moderation first.

If you want to let users sell tickets for the events they submit, check out Community Tickets. It runs with The Events Calendar, Community Events, and Event Tickets and empowers visitors to create and sell tickets, splitting the profits with you.

How do I sell tickets to events on my calendar?

You’ll want to use our Event Tickets plugin for that. This free plugin works alongside The Events Calendar and lets you create RSVPs and tickets for events. Event Tickets integrates with PayPal so you can collect payments for tickets.

What happens to my events if I disable the plugin?

Nothing. Whether you disable the plugin or uninstall it, your events will remain intact if you re-enable or re-install the plugin later. The plugin will not delete your events unless you tell it to.

Do you offer support for The Events Calendar?

Yes! For direct access to support, you’ll need an active paid license for any of our premium plugins.

If you don’t have a license, you’re always welcome to use any of our self-help resources, including our knowledgebase, extensions, release notes, and the forums where everyone can help one another.

Can I try it out before I buy a subscription?

WordPress Events Handler

Очень простой в управлении плагин. Вы сможете настроить свой индивидуальный календарь событий прямо в панели администрирования. Подготовленный календарь можно будет разместить посреди страницы, либо сбоку. Модуль поддерживает архивирование прошедших мероприятий – пользователи смогут увидеть список уже состоявшихся событий за заданный период. Либо, чтобы не зря не тратить рабочее пространство сайта, можно установить функцию автоматической очистки устаревших встреч – мероприятия будут удаляться через 24 часа после проведения.

Плагин Events Handler является многоязычным, настраиваемым календарем, который можно интегрировать в страницу, либо разместить на ее поверхности в виде виджета. Вы сможете установить дату начала мероприятия, его длительность, указать место проведения. Особенность модуля в том, что вы сможете указать диалоговое сообщение для события, которое будет отображаться до его старта, а также второе сообщение, которое появится после проведения встречи.

Final Thoughts

I was pretty impressed with this WordPress calendar plugin. I found the plugin easy to use and the free version comes with a lot of great features. The pro version of the plugin is affordable too, though I recommend testing the free version of Event Calendar WD thoroughly before you upgrade so that you are sure it does everything you need.

The plugin could be used in a number of ways. For example, it could be used by a Karate club to advise everyone of upcoming gradings and tournaments.

At the moment, Event Calendar WD is not set a ticketing solution. It has no PayPal integration and no functionality to sell tickets. However, 10Web are planning on adding this functionality within the next few weeks.

Check out Event Calendar WD on for more information about what the plugin can do.

Good luck.



Get your events displayed in a customizable list wherever you need them, with The Events Calendar Shortcode and Block! This plugin fully integrates with The Events Calendar Plugin (free version) by Modern Tribe.

This plugin adds a shortcode and a WordPress block for use with The Events Calendar WordPress Plugin (by Modern Tribe).

Display a list of your events by either adding a block in the new editor, or adding a shortcode to any post, page, or widget.

Here’s a quick video showing you what you can do:

Trusted by 20,000+ WordPress sites and a 4.5 star rating on, The Events Calendar Shortcode and Block is the solution you’ve been after

How to use The Events Calendar Shortcode

You can use the shortcode or block to add a list of your events, filtered by various options. Here’s an example of how you’d show the next 8 events in the category festival:

You can also filter the shortcode to choose from the following options:

  • Category: show events from specific categories.
  • Number of events: choose the number of events to show.
  • Event order: Order in which your events are shown (latest first or last).
  • Event dates: Show or hide the date.
  • Event venue: Show or hide the venue.
  • Event excerpt: Show or hide the event excerpt, and set an excerpt length.
  • Thumbnail: Show or hide a thumbnail image.
  • View all events link: Choose whether to include a “view all events” link or not.
  • Events from a specific month: show only events from specific months (including current or next month).
  • Previous events: Show previous events.
  • Hide started events: Hide events when their start time passes.

This gives you full control over how your events are displayed, and is perfect for non-profits, charities, businesses, conferences, and anyone with a WordPress website showing events.

You’ll find a full list of how to use these options in the shortcode below in the plugin’s FAQs.


Do you need a booking calendar to show the availability of your holiday home? If you are renting your holiday home to tourists from around the world, you should use this Free plugin on your website! This booking calendar comes in handy any time you want to display the availability of a holiday home, room, bed & breakfast, office or even a piece of equipment.

Installing and embedding the booking calendar on your page only takes a couple of minutes

Thanks to the latest updates, this availability calendar is now easier to use than ever. What WP Simple Booking Calendar does is allow your website visitors to check the availability of your holiday home with just a few clicks. Plus, it gives you complete editing freedom!

The Free version gives you access to all the basic features you might need to keep track of your bookings. For advanced features such as custom legend items and advanced editing and publishing options, you can always upgrade to the Premium version. By ordering the calendar’s Premium version, you’ll gain access to a wide range of customization options and editing features.

How does WP Simple Booking Calendar come in handy?

  • Displaying the availability dates of your holiday home
  • Showing people when your new holiday home is available for rent, thus reducing the time spent communicating with them via phone, chat or email.
  • Can also be used as a shift calendar or for displaying the availability for a room, office or piece of equipment

Features of the Free version

  • Create one calendar
  • Display a legend near the calendar
  • Simple user-friendly interface
  • Displays availability
  • Responsive calendar layout
  • Add and save booking information for each day on each of your booking calendars
  • Legend items and month names translated in over 30 languages
  • Language translation options using PO files
  • Backup/restore calendars and data

Features of the Premium version

  • Create an unlimited number of booking calendars
  • Sync your calendars with Airbnb,, HomeAway and other sites that support iCal
  • Display multiple months
  • Bulk editor: Edit multiple dates with one click
  • Create your own legend (apply your own colors and languages)
  • Export dates as CSV file
  • User management: assign specific users to specific calendars
  • Change the first day of the week
  • Change the start month/year
  • Display a tooltip with info (you can enter info for each day)
  • Show the week’s number (from 1 to 52)
  • Hide booking history from your visitors
  • Enjoy a variety of language preferences that are simple to use and display
  • Generate a shortcode to display the booking calendar on a page or post
  • Multiple calendar overview
  • Highlight the current day
  • WordPress multisite (network) support
  • Professional support

Syncing with, Airbnb, FlipKey, HomeAway

Do you feature your holiday home on multiple websites and need to sync availability data from one website to the other? With WP Simple Booking Calendar you can easily export the data from your calendars to Airbnb, FlipKey, Google Calendar and other websites.

How to Use Event Calendar WD

Using Event Calendar WD is very straightforward. While it’s a flexible plugin and can be used in a number of ways, the recommended first step is to create a calendar.

Once you’ve created at least one calendar, it’s a good idea to add the venues where the events will be taking place. Each venue entry can store general information as well as its location on Google Maps.

You might also want to add an organizer to your site. The organizers can then be applied to the events you are listing.

Once you’ve completed these simple steps, it’s time to create your first event. Again, creating an event is very simple. The interface for doing so is a modified version of the standard WordPress post editor. After entering the event title and description through the Event Settings meta box, you can choose the venue from those you’ve already created, set the event dates and times, and then add an optional URL and video URL.

Once those details have been added to your event, you have the option of setting a featured image, choosing which calendar(s) it should be added to, adding some events tags and categories, and selecting an event organizer.

When you are ready, you can publish the event to make it accessible to your visitors and display it in the calendars you’ve added it to.

Depending on how you’ve configured your website, your visitors could access your calendar via links in your main navigational menus, through direct in content links, or through the Event Calendar WD widget. As you can see, using this plugin is very easy for both you and your visitors.


My Calendar does WordPress event management with richly customizable ways to display events. The plug-in supports individual event calendars within WordPress Multisite, multiple calendars displayed by categories, locations or author, or simple lists of upcoming events.

Easy to use for anybody, My Calendar provides enormous flexibility for designers and developers needing a custom calendar. My Calendar is built with accessibility in mind, so all your users can get equal access and experience in your calendar.

Premium Event Management

Looking for more? Buy My Calendar Pro, the premium extension for My Calendar to add support for user-submitted events, integration between posting and event creation, and import events from outside sources.

Selling event tickets?

Do you need to sell tickets for events? Use My Tickets and sell tickets for your My Calendar events. Set prices, ticket availability, and sell multiple events at the same time using My Tickets.


  • Calendar grid and list views of events
  • Monthly, weekly, or daily view.
  • Mini-calendar for compact displays (as widget or as shortcode)
  • Widgets: today’s events, upcoming events, compact calendar, event search
  • Custom templates for event output
  • Limit views by categories, location, author, or host
  • Editable CSS styles and JavaScript behaviors
  • Schedule recurring events.
  • Edit single occurrences of recurring events
  • Rich permissions handling to restrict access to parts of My Calendar
  • Email notification to administrator when events are scheduled or reserved
  • Post to Twitter when events are created (using WP to Twitter)
  • Managing locations
  • Fetch events from a remote database. (Sharing events in a network of sites.)
  • Multisite-friendly
  • Integrated help page
  • Shortcode Generator to create customized views of My Calendar


  • Adding ability to format start_date, start_time, end_time and end_date inline, ie. {start_date|l, F j, Y}
  • Fix for adding multiple of the same if_ condition tags


  • Fix for WordPress 5.0 not showing custom editor at the right height
  • Allowing custom added fields to be used with conditional checks
  • Ensuring excerpt is an option for Events Manager
  • Fix for Event Organiser not getting location_* field data properly


  • Additional WP filters for date/time formatting and excerpt length
  • Optional tracking to improve performance and compatibility
  • Improved i18n handling
  • Text copy tweaks
  • Additional ecn_get_excerpt filter
  • Adds organizer details to available The Events Calendar fields


  • Adds Event Organiser support
  • Support for additional conditional statements like {if_end_time}…{/if_end_time}
  • Additional format options in dropdown
  • Refactoring codebase and additional tests
  • Only including Published events in output for The Events Calendar
  • Adding manual excerpt if there is none in post_excerpt
  • Fixing issue with Simple Calendar and past events
  • Ensuring new events fetched when generating newsletter
  • Updating Freemius to remove two menu items appearing before activation in 4.4


  • Fix formatting of free event cost
  • Added ecn_admin_capability filter to modify who has access to the events calendar screen


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Install this plugin and you will see a permanent large red and loud advertisement bar in the admin panel reminding you to update to their pro version. It pissed me off so much I didn’t even try to use their plug-in.

But at first glance, it looked pretty shit and I think you will do better to shop around.

The color feature made this unusable for us as a free plugin. I understand paying for advanced features…but color isn’t advanced. The green completely clashed with our site. So we couldn’t even use it. Sorry guys…but this is a 3-star product at best.

The plugin and it’s template look wonderful. Very nice views.

This is a best plugin for Booking.

I customized the colors of my calendar and now it’s just perfect for my website. Thanks a lot!

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