Phone number track


There have been some users reporting successful but also unsuccessful usage with Webpack. While I don’t personally use it, I’m 100% supportive of pull requests adding modifications that allow this package to better interact with it.

Chrome Extensions

Google Closure Compiler API, a serviced provided by Google to compile code online via its Closure library, may not always return fully compliant UTF-8-encoded output.

Loading extensions using this library on Google Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers may result in the following error when compiled with webpack:

While the local Java-based version supports a parameter which would let us workaround this issue at the source using , the online API version, which is a lot more convenient to use, does not offer support for an equivalent parameter (e.g. ).

In order to workaround this issue when using webpack, make sure to output US-ASCII characters only when defining options, as demonstrated below:

optimization: {
  minimize: process.env.NODE_ENV !== 'development',
    new TerserPlugin({
      terserOptions: {
        output: {
          ascii_only: true


This tool is compatible with the majority of the devices. Since, the producers adopted the global positioning technology, compatibility issues have importantly decreased. Nowadays, the entire phone companies and phone operators uses the same technology, the only thing that’s different is the branding. In terms of GPS, the service is the same. What can make the difference is the quality of the transmitters that enhance the signal power and thus offer greater accuracy.

You can find on the tracing panel, a list of our certified collaborators. Different manufacturers and phone operators all around the world, that use the same tracing funnel.

Recommended Usage

We highly recommend you (lazy) load the included utils.js using the option. Then the plugin is built to always deal with numbers in the full international format (e.g. «+17024181234») and convert them accordingly — even when or is enabled. We recommend you get, store, and set numbers exclusively in this format for simplicity — then you don’t have to deal with handling the country code separately, as full international numbers include the country code information.

You can always get the full international number (including country code) using , then you only have to store that one string in your database (you don’t have to store the country separately), and then the next time you initialise the plugin with that number it will automatically set the country and format it according to the options you specify (e.g. if you enable it will automatically remove the international dial code for you).


To use the AsYouTypeFormatter, just replace your UITextField with a PhoneNumberTextField (if you are using Interface Builder make sure the module field is set to PhoneNumberKit).

You can customize your TextField UI in the following ways

  • will display the country code for the . The is displayed in the of the text field with it’s size set based off your text size.
  • uses to show an example number for the . In addition when is set, the country code’s prefix will automatically be inserted and removed when editing changes.

PhoneNumberTextField automatically formats phone numbers and gives the user full editing capabilities. If you want to customize you can use the PartialFormatter directly. The default region code is automatically computed but can be overridden if needed (see the example given below).

class MyGBTextField: PhoneNumberTextField {
    override var defaultRegion String {
        get {
            return "GB"
        set {} // exists for backward compatibility
let textField = PhoneNumberTextField()

PartialFormatter().formatPartial("+336895555") // +33 6 89 55 55

You can also query countries for a dialing code or the dialing code for a given country

phoneNumberKit.countries(withCode: 33)
phoneNumberKit.countryCode(for: "FR")

Final Thoughts

The popularity of smartphones to access websites is increasing every day. This popularity takes call links from being a simple convenience to a complete necessity. Adding clickable phone numbers can make the difference between users calling your business or your competitors. Fortunately, it isn’t that difficult to create clickable links to add HTML phone numbers to your headers, footers, widgets, pages, and posts of your WordPress website.

We want to hear from you. Have you added a call links to your website? Let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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Lists the following enums in order to compare them with the output of :



  • connectsToEmergencyNumber(number, regionCode) — tests whether the short number can be used to connect to emergency services when dialed from the given region.
  • isPossibleShortNumber(number) — tests whether a short number is a possible number.
  • isPossibleShortNumberForRegion(number, regionDialingFrom) — tests whether a short number is a possible number when dialed from the given region.
  • isValidShortNumber(number) — tests whether a short number is a possible number.
  • isValidShortNumberForRegion(number, regionDialingFrom) — tests whether a short number matches a valid pattern in a region.
// Get an instance of `ShortNumberInfo`.
const shortInfo = require('google-libphonenumber').ShortNumberInfo.getInstance();

// Get an instance of `PhoneNumberUtil`.
const phoneUtil = require('google-libphonenumber').PhoneNumberUtil.getInstance();

// Result from connectsToEmergencyNumber().
console.log(shortInfo.connectsToEmergencyNumber('911', 'US'));
// => true

// Result from isPossibleShortNumber().
console.log(shortInfo.isPossibleShortNumber(phoneUtil.parse('123456', 'FR')));
// => true

// Result from isPossibleShortNumberForRegion().
console.log(shortInfo.isPossibleShortNumberForRegion(phoneUtil.parse('123456', 'FR'), 'FR'));
// => true

Unavailable methods and classes

The following methods or classes are unavailable on the original JS port of Google’s libphonenumber:

  • findNumbers — finds numbers in text (useful for highlighting or linking phone numbers inside text messages).
  • PhoneNumberOfflineGeocoder — provides geographical information related to a phone number.
  • PhoneNumberToCarrierMapper — provides carrier information related to a phone number.
  • PhoneNumberToTimeZonesMapper — provides timezone information related to a phone number.


mobile number tracker

If the phone is switched off, or out of range of the carrier’s service, then the mobile tracker will be unable to find it. However, when the phone is turned on again or reconnects to its carrier network, the system will trace it again and provide a real-time location as before.


  1. Enter the phone number of the person to be geo-located, your identity (optional), and your email address or your phone number so that we may contact you.
  2. No payment will be requested on our website so ignore.
  3. Click on “Mobile number tracker.”
  4. Access our Phone tracking panel (an anti-robot test may be required to access the localization map, which takes only a few minutes).
  5. Please note that our service is 100% anonymous and 100% free of charge.

High Accuracy

Before officially launching this service, our team ran multiple accuracy tests in order to determine the accuracy of the system. The results were overall positive; you can trace a phone number and expect to find its right position 95%. This percentage is not stable, it can decreased or increased if there are elements in the environment that affect the signal power.

Under rare circumstances, if the cellphone is within an environment that affects badly the power of the signal or kills it, it is hard or impossible to trace the phone number. It’s due to the fact that the system is based on GSM technology that only function within a signal eligible perimeter.

The high accuracy portrayed through a significant percentage of 95%, shows that this is one the strongest phone-tracking tool.

Online Demo

Highlights of functionality

  • Parsing/formatting/validating phone numbers for all countries/regions of the world.
  • — gets the type of the number based on the number itself; able to distinguish Fixed-line, Mobile, Toll-free, Premium Rate, Shared Cost, VoIP and Personal Numbers (whenever feasible).
  • — gets a confidence level on whether two numbers could be the same.
  • / — provides valid example numbers for all countries/regions, with the option of specifying which type of example phone number is needed.
  • — full validation of a phone number for a region using length and prefix information.
  • — provides geographical information related to a phone number.
  • — provides timezone information related to a phone number.
  • — provides carrier information related to a phone number.


Import PhoneNumberKit at the top of the Swift file that will interact with a phone number.

import PhoneNumberKit

All of your interactions with PhoneNumberKit happen through a PhoneNumberKit object. The first step you should take is to allocate one.

A PhoneNumberKit instance is relatively expensive to allocate (it parses the metadata and keeps it in memory for the object’s lifecycle), you should try and make sure PhoneNumberKit is allocated once and deallocated when no longer needed.

let phoneNumberKit = PhoneNumberKit()

To parse a string, use the parse function. The region code is automatically computed but can be overridden if needed. PhoneNumberKit automatically does a hard type validation to ensure that the object created is valid, this can be quite costly performance-wise and can be turned off if needed.

do {
    let phoneNumber = try phoneNumberKit.parse("+33 6 89 017383")
    let phoneNumberCustomDefaultRegion = try phoneNumberKit.parse("+44 20 7031 3000", withRegion: "GB", ignoreType: true)
catch {
    print("Generic parser error")

If you need to parse and validate a large amount of numbers at once, PhoneNumberKit has a special, lightning fast array parsing function. The default region code is automatically computed but can be overridden if needed. Here you can also ignore hard type validation if it is not necessary. Invalid numbers are ignored in the resulting array.

let rawNumberArray = 
let phoneNumbers = phoneNumberKit.parse(rawNumberArray)
let phoneNumbersCustomDefaultRegion = phoneNumberKit.parse(rawNumberArray, withRegion: "DE",  ignoreType: true)

PhoneNumber objects are immutable Swift structs with the following properties:

phoneNumber.type // e.g Mobile or Fixed

Formatting a PhoneNumber object into a string is also very easy

phoneNumberKit.format(phoneNumber, toType: .e164) // +61236618300
phoneNumberKit.format(phoneNumber, toType: .international) // +61 2 3661 8300
phoneNumberKit.format(phoneNumber, toType: .national) // (02) 3661 8300

Memory Usage

The library includes a lot of metadata, giving a significant memory overhead. This metadata is loaded on-demand so that the memory footprint of applications that only use a subset of the library functionality is not adversely affected.

In particular:

  • The geocoding metadata (which is over 100 megabytes) is only loaded on the first use of one of the geocoding functions (, or ).
  • The carrier metadata is only loaded on the first use of one of the mapping functions ( or ).
  • The timezone metadata is only loaded on the first use of one of the timezone functions ( or ).
  • The normal metadata for each region is only loaded on the first time that metadata for that region is needed.

If you need to ensure that the metadata memory use is accounted for at start of day (i.e. that a subsequent on-demand load of metadata will not cause a pause or memory exhaustion):

  • Force-load the geocoding metadata by invoking .
  • Force-load the carrier metadata by invoking .
  • Force-load the timezone metadata by invoking .
  • Force-load the normal metadata by calling .

The version of the package does not include the geocoding, carrier and timezone metadata, which can be useful if you have problems installing the main package due to space/memory limitations.

Adding Call Links with Plugins

You can also add a call link to your header with a plugin. They typically include features for styling, adding multiple calls to action, and the ability to be turned on or off based on the device of the visitor. They’re also easy to set up and use. These are great choices if you don’t want to handle code. Here are a few of the best options.

Call Now Button

Call Now Button adds a click-to-call button to the bottom of the screen for your mobile visitors. It doesn’t show on other devices. You can also add text if you want. The button is a phone icon so it’s easy to understand what it’s for. All you have to do is enable the button and enter your phone number. You can change the default behavior in the advanced settings.


The following is a simple phone information extraction example similar to what can be viewed on the official demo page.

️ Most libphonenumber functions expect to receive an instance of which can be obtained by calling or on a raw (string) number, otherwise it will throw errors like .

This will work:


This will not work:


More API examples after parsing the raw string:


The «As You Type» formatter is a specialized tool that show the formatting progress as it attempts to discover the right format for the given number. It requires registering every keystroke (input digit) on a new instance of the as shown below.


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Mapping Phone Numbers to original carriers

Caveat: We do not provide data about the current carrier of a phone number, only the original carrier who is assigned the corresponding range. Read about .

PhoneNumber swissMobileNumber =
    new PhoneNumber().setCountryCode(41).setNationalNumber(798765432L);
PhoneNumberToCarrierMapper carrierMapper = PhoneNumberToCarrierMapper.getInstance();
// Outputs "Swisscom"
System.out.println(carrierMapper.getNameForNumber(swissMobileNumber, Locale.ENGLISH));

More examples on how to use the library can be found in the unit tests.

Third-party Ports

Several third-party ports of the phone number library are known to us. We share them here in case they’re useful for developers.

However, we emphasize that these ports are by developers outside the libphonenumber project. We do not evaluate their quality or influence their maintenance processes.

  • C#:
  • Go:
  • Objective-c:
  • PHP:
  • PostgreSQL in-database types:
  • Python:
  • Ruby:
  • Rust:
  • Erlang:
  • Clojure:

Alternatives to our own versions:

  • Android-optimized: Our Java version loads the metadata from and asks that Android apps follow the Android loading best practices of repackaging the metadata and loading from themselves (). If you don’t want to do this, check out the port at, which does repackage the metadata and use , and may be depended on without needing those specific loading optimizations from clients.
  • Javascript: If you don’t want to use our version, which depends on Closure, there are several other options, including — a stripped-down rewrite, about 110 KB in size — and — a browserify-compatible wrapper around the original unmodified library installable via npm, which packs the Google Closure library, about 420 KB in size.


In Grand Theft Auto V phone numbers play a large role in the game, both by allowing you to dial contacts through your characters phone, as well as dial numbers placed throughout Los Santos and Blaine County.

Most contacts are added before you even see their set number, but you can in fact dial their numbers afterwards with the game responding as if they were added to your contact list. While most numbers can be dialed by all playable protagonists, some will only respond to certain ones. An example of this is Tanisha only responding to Franklin, and Chef responding only to Trevor. Furthermore, some services such as Merryweather and Pegasus Lifestyle Management can only be properly used by the Online Player in Grand Theft Auto Online. Booty Call contacts will also give you their contact number once you have successfully met their requirements, either through filling their like bar at the Vanilla Unicorn, or meeting the mission requirements (in the case of Liz and Ursula).

Spread throughout the game are various other numbers, some advertising services and goods, others used for promotional uses (such as numbers given on the radio or in-stores). These numbers can be called but will generally forward you to «filler» material. These are used to realistically fill the world with many phone numbers while at the same time giving them use.

Busy/Filler numbers

Busy tone (any non-unique number getsa busy tone.)


Dial-up Modem 346-555-0155346-555-0176


Lester’s «Busy Response» 346-555-0160
On Hold Music 328-555-0193555-0111505-555-01751-999-843-2663
Phone pick-up, Immediate Hang-up. 346-555-0192305-555-0183
«Thanks for calling, To check hours andavailability check our website» 328-555-0142611-555-0160611-555-0179
This Mailbox is Full. Goodbye» 611-555-0198
«Stop Prank Calling Me!» 611-555-0195


«We’re not here, Call back Later» 273-555-0117555-0178555-0123555-0126
«This number is no longer in service» 555-0194555-0149555-0103

Business/Service numbers

Contact * = Calling this number online will return Phone Number
Ammu-Nation (*On Hold Music) 1-999-WEAPONS
Atomic Blimp (DLC required) 346-555-0176
Blaine County Depot (*This Mailbox is Full) 425-555-0170
BSC Machine Maintenance (*Dial Up Modem) 555-0182
Bugstars (*Dial Up Modem) 1-999-BUGSTAR
Downtown Cab Co. 323-555-5555
Dynasty 8 Real Estate (*Pickup > Hangup) 310-555-0156
Emergency Services 911
Los Santos Talent 1-999-578-25368(1-999-JR-TALENT)
Mechanic 328-555-0153
Merryweather Security 273-555-0120
Merryweather Security Patrol Protection (*On Hold Music) 1-999-GUARDME
Mors Mutual Insurance 611-555-0149
Pegasus Lifestyle Management 328-555-0122
Robinson Real Estate (*On Hold) 555-0139
Rogers Salvage and Scrap 555-0069
South Seas Apartments 1-999-SOUTHCA
Truthseeker Helpline 273-555-0155
Vinewood Star Tours (*On Hold) 1-999-846-8687
Wolfs International Reality (*Mailbox full) 555-0161

Contact numbers

Contact Phone Number
Abigail Mathers 346-555-0126
Al Carter 346-555-0109
Amanda De Santa 346-555-0118
Antonia Bottino 611-555-0182
Barry 346-555-0105
Beverly Felton 346-555-0118
Brucie Kibbutz 273-555-0185
Chastity 611-555-0163
Cheetah 328-555-0167
Chef 611-555-0111
Cletus Ewing 346-555-0174
Cris Formage 328-555-0160
Dave Norton 273-555-0132
Denise Clinton 273-555-0164
Devin Weston 328-555-0182
Dom Beasley Unknown
Dr. Isiah Friedlander 346-555-0134
Edgar Carlos 611-555-0146
Elwood O’Neil 611-555-0111
Floyd Herbert 273-555-0164
Franklin Clinton 328-555-0156
Fufu 346-555-0186
Gerald 611-555-0152
Hao 611-555-0107
Infernus 611-555-0184
Jimmy Boston 346-555-0148
Jimmy De Santa 346-555-0190 (Standard message)273-555-0143 (Formal message)
Joe 611-555-0128
Josef 328-555-0117
Josh Bernstein 611-555-0169
Juliet Unknown
Kyle Chavis 611-555-0191
Kyle P. Slater 328-555-0145
Lamar Davis 346-555-0141
Lester Crest 346-555-0102
Liz 611-555-0126
Marnie Allen 611-555-0181
Martin Madrazo 346-555-0188
Mary-Ann Quinn Unknown
Maude Eccles 328-555-0185
Michael De Santa 328-555-0108
Molly Schultz See Trivia
Nigel 346-555-0111
Nikki 346-555-0183
Omega 346-555-0162
Oscar Guzman 273-555-0125
Patricia Madrazo 328-555-0110
Peach 273-555-0189
Rickie Lukens 611-555-0140
Ron Jakowski 328-555-0198
Sapphire 328-555-0177
Simeon Yetarian 611-555-0120
Solomon Richards 328-555-0123
Steve Haines 328-555-0150
Stretch 346-555-0122
Tanisha Jackson 328-555-0180
Tao Cheng 611-555-0173
Tonya Wiggins 611-555-0199
Tracey De Santa 273-555-0168
Trevor Philips 273-555-0136
Ursula 328-555-0103
Wade Hebert 346-555-0166
Wei Cheng 328-555-0190


Returns a whether the supplied phone number is possible or not.

This function accepts either a object, or a phone number string and a region code (as with ).

Returns a constant with the result of whether the supplied object is possible.

Returns a constant with the result of whether the supplied object is a possible number of a particular type.

Returns a whether the supplied object is valid or not.

Important: This doesn’t actually validate whether the number is in use. libphonenumber-for-php is only able to validate number patterns, and isn’t able to check with telecommunication providers.

Returns a whether the supplied object is valid for the .

Important: As with , this can not validate whether the number is in use.

Как найти человека с помощью мобильного оператора?

Ещё не так давно человек мог определить местоположение другого человека, только через спецслужбы и занимало это довольно много времени. В современный мобильный век все изменилось и стало более простым, а некоторые задачи решаются значительно быстрее. Иногда связываться с человеком через мобильную связь будет для вас нежелательным, тогда на помощь приходит мобильный оператор

Какие цели вы преследуете, выполняя поиск человека, это уже вопрос личный и говорить о целесообразности не имеет смысла, так как, если вы решились его найти и для вас это важно, то начните поиск

В первую очередь вам необходим номер телефона этого человека, который быстрее всего хранится у вас в мобильном в контактах или в телефонной книге. После получения номера телефона необходимо определить оператора сотовой связи, через которого вы звоните. Определив оператора мобильной связи, выполните звонок в справку и передайте запрос, на поиск местоположения, используя мобильный номер телефона человека которого вам необходимо найти. Как только вы получите местоположение, то можете выдвинуться к указанному месту. Точность определения местоположения может отличаться от реального нахождения человека, но если оперативно действовать и знать привычки человека, то найти его не составит труда.

Все мобильные операторы России
  • Автоматическая телефонная станция Смольного
  • Айконнект
  • АКОС
  • Антарес
  • Арктик Регион Связь
  • Архангельские Мобильные Сети
  • АСВТ(Москва)
  • Астарта
  • Астрахань GSM
  • Астрахань-Телеком
  • Бpянские сотов.сети
  • Байкалвестком
  • Белгородская Сотовая Связь
  • Беспроводные информационные технологии
  • Вайнах Телеком
  • ВолгаТелеком (Мордовия)
  • Волгоград-GSM
  • Вотек Мобайл
  • Вымпел-Коммуникации
  • Вятская Сотовая Связь
  • Газпром телеком
  • Галс-Телеком
  • Глобал Телеком
  • Глобалстар-Космические Телекоммуникации
  • Горно-Алтайская Сотовая Связь
  • Дагест сот связь
  • Дальневост.ком.эл.(Примор
  • Деловая Сеть-Иркутск
  • Дельта Телеком
  • Джи Ти Эн Ти
  • Ё-Мобайл
  • Енисейтелеком
  • Интерком Технолоджи
  • Интернод
  • Информационные транковые системы
  • Иридиум Коммьюникешенс
  • К-телеком
  • Каб-Балкар. сотовая связь
  • Калининградские Мобильные Сети
  • Калужская сотовая связь
  • КантриКом
  • Кемеровская Мобильная Связь
  • Компьютерная скорая помощь
  • КОМСТАР-Регионы
  • Краснодарская сот связь
  • Краснодарская сотовая связь
  • Кубань-GSM
  • Кузбаск.сот. связь
  • Курганский Сотовый Телефон
  • Курская Сотовая Связь
  • Линк-Мастер
  • Липецк Мобайл
  • МАГ
  • МАТРИКС телеком
  • МегаФон
  • Межрегиональный ТранзитТелеком
  • ММС Ингушетии
  • Мобильная сот.связь
  • Мобильные ТелеСистемы
  • МобильныеТелеСистемы
  • Морсвязьспутник
  • Московская городская телефонная сеть
  • Московская сотовая связь
  • МТТ Инвест
  • Мурманская Мобильная Сеть
  • Навигационно-информационные системы
  • Наша сеть
  • Нижегородская сотовая связь
  • Новгородские телекоммуникации
  • Нэт Бай Нэт Холдинг
  • Облком
  • Основа Телеком
  • Открытая мобильная система
  • Парма Мобайл
  • Пенза Мобайл
  • Пенза-GSM
  • Персональные Системы Связи в Регионе
  • Пилигрим
  • Радиоимпульс
  • РадиоТел
  • Регион. технич.центр
  • Региональный технический центр
  • Ростелеком
  • Ростовская Сотовая Связь
  • РТ-Мобайл
  • РТКомм.РУ
  • РусСДО
  • С-Петербургский ММТ
  • Санкт-Петербург Телеком
  • Саратовская система сотовой связи
  • Северо-вост. Телеком
  • Северо-восточные Телекоммуникации
  • СервисПартнер
  • Сибирская Сотовая Связь
  • Сибирьтелеком
  • Сигма Телеком
  • Систематикс
  • Скай Линк
  • Скай-1800
  • Скартел
  • СМАРТС — Волгоград
  • СМАРТС — Казань
  • СМАРТС-Иваново
  • СМАРТС-Уфа
  • СМАРТС-Чебоксары
  • Смоленская Сотовая Связь
  • Содействие развитию и использованию навигационных технологий
  • Сонет
  • Сотел- сот. связь Чувашии
  • СОТЕЛ-Читинск.Сот.Связь
  • Сотовая связь Башкортостана
  • Сотовая Связь Биробиджана
  • Сотовая Связь Удмуртии
  • Сотовая Телефонная Связь
  • Спринт
  • Спутниковые Мобильные Технологии
  • Средневолжская межрегиональная ассоциация радиотелекоммуникационных систем
  • Стелс
  • Сургутнефтегаз
  • Таттелеком
  • Телеком Евразия
  • Телеком-Сервис
  • Телесет Лтд.
  • ТМ САТ
  • ТрансТелеКом-НН
  • Тульская сотовая радиотелефонная связь
  • Тывасвязьинформ
  • Тюменьруском
  • Удмурт.сот.сети-450
  • Уралвестком
  • ФЕБО Телеком
  • Финансовая Компания Императив
  • Фонеком
  • Центр Телеком (Владимир)
  • Центр Телеком (Кострома)
  • Центральный телеграф
  • Челябинская Сотовая Связь
  • Эквант
  • Экспресс ТелеКом
  • Электросвязь Псков
  • ЭСОТЕЛ-Рустелком
  • Ярославль-GSM


Lists the following enums in order to compare them with the output of :


  • connectsToEmergencyNumber(number, regionCode) — tests whether the short number can be used to connect to emergency services when dialed from the given region.
  • isPossibleShortNumber(number) — tests whether a short number is a possible number.
  • isPossibleShortNumberForRegion(number, regionDialingFrom) — tests whether a short number is a possible number when dialed from the given region.
  • isValidShortNumber(number) — tests whether a short number is a possible number.
  • isValidShortNumberForRegion(number, regionDialingFrom) — tests whether a short number matches a valid pattern in a region.

The following methods or classes are unavailable on the original JS port of Google’s libphonenumber:

  • findNumbers — finds numbers in text (useful for highlighting or linking phone numbers inside text messages).
  • PhoneNumberOfflineGeocoder — provides geographical information related to a phone number.
  • PhoneNumberToCarrierMapper — provides carrier information related to a phone number.
  • PhoneNumberToTimeZonesMapper — provides timezone information related to a phone number.


The cell phone in Grand Theft Auto IV makes dialing phone numbers part of gameplay. However not all phone numbers work and some phone numbers only work at certain times or for certain missions.

Working numbers

Bean Machine Coffee 555-0110
Bryce Dawkins’ bugged Infernus, availableafter Knowing Me, Knowing You, doesn’talways work 123-555-0160
Emergency Services 911
Express Car Service 555-2222555-3333
Fire Proof Doors 555-5700
LCPD Recruitment 555-RECRUIT
Liberty Construction 555-1274
No Problemo Bail Bonds 555-945-733-92
The Serrated Edge 1-800-555-5555
Storage 555-221-3877
Superb Deli 555-4674
Used Auto Parts 555-7300
Vinewood Laundromat 555-5123
ZiT* Song Identifier 948-555-0100

Mission specific numbers

Number used in Call and Collect 843-555-0124
Number used in Lure 545-555-0122
Gracie Ancelotti for the mission I’ll Take Her 662-555-0147
The number to call Roman Bellic for a optionaltaxi ride in the mission Roman’s Holiday 555-2222

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