Как вывести все категории (рубрики) товаров woocommerce в wordpress?

Adding just a single product to a blog post (includes custom CSS)

If we want to add just a single product to a post, it’ll take up the entire width of the content – which would look a bit strange. I would like to float it to the right and let the text to flow around it.

Firstly, the WooCommerce shortcode, with just one product looks like this.

1 products ids=»694″columns=»1″

And now some custom CSS which you can add to: Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS. Note the presence of a media query, which means the style kicks in on viewports above 768px. So, on smaller screens, the product will be full width.

@media only screen and (min-width: 768px) { .single-post ul.products.columns-1 { max-width: 300px; float: right; border-left: 1px solid #e2e2e2e2; padding-left: 40px; margin-left: 50px; } }

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

@media only screen and(min-width768px){

.single-post ul.products.columns-1{









The result of this, looks like the screenshot below. You can also see it live on this post on the Shoptimizer demo site.

Adding a single product to a blog post – result of custom CSS


2019.10.24 – version 2.8.1

Misc – Add support for WooCommerce 3.8

= 2019.08.15 – version 2.8.0 * Misc: Add support for WooCommerce 3.7 * Misc: Remove support for WooCommerce 2.6

= 2019.06.12 – version 2.7.4 * Misc: Declare support for WooCommerce 3.6

2018.02.08 – version 2.7.0

  • Tweak: Move settings to customizer panel in WooCommerce 3.3+
  • Fix: Ensure default sorting can be renamed if translated
  • Misc: Add support for WooCommerce 3.3
  • Misc: Require WooCommerce 2.6.14 and WordPress 4.4

2017.03.23 – version 2.6.0

  • Feature: Sort products by review count
  • Misc: Removes ‘featured first’ sorting in shops running WooCommerce 3.0+ since featured meta is no longer available for products (see notes for further details)
  • Misc: Added support for WooCommerce 3.0
  • Misc: Removed support for WooCommerce 2.3.x

2015.07.13 – version 2.2.0

  • Feature: added title fallback to use as secondary sorting parameter
  • Misc: introduced filter
  • Misc: dropped WooCommerce 2.1 support since 2.2 added orderby = rand support

2015.01.05 – version 2.0.0

  • Misc: Refactored to simplify code and add upgrade routine
  • Feature: Added “Featured” sorting
  • Feature: Added “Availability” sorting
  • Tweak: Changed settings to multi-select instead of checkbox group
  • Tweak: Text domain is now instead of


1.1.3 – 06/26/2016

  • Fixed rating count like More then 5 stars (5.12 out of 5 stars)
  • Fixed After click on the bar or number of stars – nothing happend

1.0.5 – 11/17/2015

  • Review authors’ first and last name are now displayed by default
  • Fixed undefined constant error
  • Included PRO version information

1.0.4 – 10/22/2015

  • Improved css
  • Enhance the code structure
  • Added font awesome for stars and other symbols
  • Enhance ajax functionality
  • Reply ratings don’t count as 0 star rating
  • Show full comments for long comments

1.0.1 – 08/21/2015

  • Added prefixes to the function names
  • Added plugin usage guide tab on the settings page
  • Added the discrete credit link checkbox option in plugin settings page
  • Added affiliate/credit link option on settings tab and front end
  • Updated SIP panel to version 1.0.1
  • Updated the postion of submenu items in SIP Plugins menu
  • Updated plugin icons
  • Fixed minor CSS bugs
  • Fixed error notice position issue on plugin settings page


Works with WooCommerce, WP-Ecommerce, EDD, Eshop and Jigoshop

This plugin installs a shopping cart button in the navigation bar. The plugin takes less than a minute to setup, and includes the following options:

  • Display cart icon, or only items/prices.
  • Display items only, price only, or both.
  • Display always, or only when there are items in the cart.
  • Float left, float right, or use your menu’s default settings.
  • Customize your own CSS

Pro Version Includes:

  • A choice of over 10 cart icons
  • A fully featured cart details flyout
  • Ability to add cart + flyout for unlimited menus
  • Ability to add a custom css class
  • Automatic updates on any great new features
  • Shortcode to display cart anywhere on your site
  • Quick and thorough support

Download the Pro version here – https://wpovernight.com/downloads/menu-cart-pro/

Finally, the cart automatically conforms to your site’s styles, leaving you with no extra work.


  • WooCommerce
  • Easy Digital Downloads
  • Eshop
  • WP-Ecommerce
  • Jigoshop


  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • Croatian
  • Czech
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Norwegian
  • Persian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese


http-equiv=»Content-Type» content=»text/html;charset=UTF-8″>lass=»plugin-reviews»>

This is a great plugin. it’s easy to use with a variety of options. The support is great they replay fast and they are happy to hear for a suggested feature to implement it in the future.

Keep up the good work.

I installed it to create a user menu where the name of the user appears when logged in. And thanks to that I also discovered a few security options. Thank you very much for such a great Plugin!

So many helpful tools! I have only started to explore the free version and already have made some great improvements in my site.

Thank you for the very very quick support.


Great support from development team. that was amazing. i will give 10 stars if i can

Realmente me he quedado impresionado por este plugin. Al principio me decía «este es uno mas que no sirve para nada» pero de verdad que creo que este desarrollador puede hacer cualquier cosa que te puede imagina y convertir tu web en una web personalizada y propia. Tiene muchas personalizaciones que ofrecen varios plugin de pago, y este lo ofrece y mas. Me puse en contacto con el equipo para hacer una «mejora» y en menos de 30 minutos me contestaron dándome una solución totalmente acertada. No me gusta para por plugin y siempre intento buscar la solución gratis pero en este caso incluso he donado dinero para este plugin porque de verdad vale la pena. Gracias por existir.


Customize your WooCommerce store with more than 60 functions and shortcodes, ranging from the important points of your store such as: Access, My account page, shop page, thank you pages among others, to additional content to reinforce: as content restriction, adaptation to the new law of data protection, security, advanced user data, messages according to the number of orders among many more advantages.

“Woo Shortcodes Kit” does not work alone. It is originally created for WooCommerce, so before install “Woo Shortcodes Kit” you must have need to install WooCommerce on your website.

**Tested & Running with WorPress v.5.4.2 | WooCommerce v.4.3.1 (27/07/20)


  • English – default, .pot file included.
  • Spanish – translation file 100% ready to use.
  • Brazilian/Portuguese – translation file 100% ready to use.


  • Follow now on Instagram: Visit now!
  • Contact or send your ideas from twitter! @Disespubli
  • Follow all the news on the official Fanpage: Visit now!

  • Is the plugin helping you? You can contribute! Thank you!


Documentation: Check now!

Subscribe now to the WSHK Youtube channel and get nofitied about the new videos!


Build your account page more easy than ever!

Premium addon to build your account from scratch easily with any builder! Have a perfect integration with Elementor:


Premium | Documentation

Store Exporter for WooCommerce creates Product, Order, Category, Tag and User exports to suit your store requirements, simply click Quick Export to produce concise, ready to use Excel spreadshseets.

Screen-loads of filters and options are available to customise each export type, with native export integration of 125+ WooCommerce Plugins.

Supported since 2012 Store Exporter for WooCommerce is maintained by an active community of store owners and developers providing feature suggestions and feedback.

This advanced WooCommerce export Plugin maintains compatibility with the latest WooCommerce releases through regular Plugin updates, we also proudly maintain compatibility with legacy releases of WooCommerce.

WooCommerce export types

  • Export Products
  • Export Categories
  • Export Tags
  • Export Brands (*)
  • Export Orders
  • Export Customers (*)
  • Export Users
  • Export Coupons (*)
  • Export Subscriptions (*)
  • Export Product Vendors (*)
  • Export Bookings (*)
  • Export Commissions (*)
  • Export Shipping Classes (*)
  • Export Attributes (*)

WooCommerce export features

  • Toggle and save export fields
  • Field label editor (*)
  • Scheduled exports (*)
  • Export templates (*)
  • Compatible with WordPress Multisite
  • Compatible with WPML (WordPress Multilingual) (*)
  • Compatible with WP-CLI (*)
  • Export to CSV file
  • Export to TSV file (*)
  • Export to Excel 2007 (XLS) file (*)
  • Export to Excel 2013 (XLSX) file (*)
  • Export to XML file (*)
  • Export to RSS file (*)
  • Export to WordPress Media
  • Export to e-mail addresses (*)
  • Export to fixed filename (*)
  • Export to remote FTP/FTPS/SFTP (*)
  • Export to remote POST (*)
  • Supports external CRON (*)

(Thanks to Martha Waugh!)

WooCommerce export filters

  • Export Products by Product Category/Tag
  • Export Products by Product Status
  • Export Products by Type including Variations
  • Export Products by Stock Status/Quantity
  • Export Products by Featured
  • Export Products by Date Modified
  • Export Orders by Order Date
  • Export Orders by Order Status (*)
  • Export Orders by Customer (*)
  • Export Orders by Billing/Shipping Country (*)
  • Export Orders by Product (*)
  • Export Orders by Product Category/Tag/Brand (*)
  • Export Orders by Order ID/Invoice Number (*)
  • Export Orders by Payment Gateway/Shipping Method (*)
  • Export Orders by Coupon Code (*)
  • Export Customers by Order Status (*)
  • Export Customers by User Role (*)

(*) Requires the Pro upgrade to enable additional store export functionality.

Native export integration with 110+ WooCommerce Plugins

Just a few of the features unlocked in the Pro upgrade of Store Exporter include:

  • Export All in One SEO Pack
  • Export Advanced Google Product Feed
  • Export Product Addons
  • Export Sequential Order Number Pro
  • Export Checkout Manager
  • Export Checkout Manager Pro
  • Export Checkout Field Editor
  • Export Cost of Goods
  • Export Per-Product Shipping
  • Export Print Invoice & Delivery Note
  • Export Local Pickups Plus
  • Export WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • Export Checkout Field Manager
  • Export Currency Switcher
  • Export WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips
  • Export WooCommerce Checkout Add-ons
  • Export Product Vendors
  • Export WooCommerce Jetpack
  • Import fields for Product Importer Deluxe

… and many more free and Premium extensions for WooCommerce and WordPress.

Happy exporting!


  1. Open WooCommerce > Store Export from the WordPress Administration
  2. Select the Export tab on the Store Exporter screen
  3. Select which export type and WooCommerce details you would like to export
  4. Click Export
  5. Download archived copies of previous exports from the Archives tab



http-equiv=»Content-Type» content=»text/html;charset=UTF-8″>lass=»plugin-reviews»>

The plugin itself is very good, but unfortunately I was not able to get it meet my specific purpose.

However, this was only after a lot of work from the support team, whose responses were quick and helpful.

In the end they offered a refund without being asked. No argument, only an apology.

This is rare in my experience, and shows that they have an honest and ethical approach to business.

I would recommend the product and the team to any prospective purchaser.

Really good plugin for display products with category into tab

I have bought the pro version this week. When I had an issue while using it in Divi 4, they fixed it very quickly! I really like their service and the functionality the plugin already offers. Also I asked several other questions and made some requests where they replied to quickly as well, and even made some promises for adding some needed features too. It will make the plugin, that is already rich in features, even more complete. Thank you!

Mr Jamir helped me everything from the start of the proccess. Thanks a lot.

The plugin is very useful the support is great!

The Plugin was good for the start , we will go for Pro Plugin for other additional features. Great team , great support. A++++


Product Slider/Carousel for WooCommerce is the best product slider to slide your WooCommerce Product, Best Selling Product and Featured Product. You can easily display this product slider in your theme using shortcode.

You can sort product by category by adding category ID in the shortcode as a shortcode parameter.

Plugin add a sub tab under “Products –> Product Slider – How It Works” for more details.

WooCommerce product slider / carousel allows you to showcase your products in a nice sliding manner.

This plugin using the original loop form WooCommerce thats means it will display your product design from your theme plus style.

Check Demo and Features for additional information.

Also work with Gutenberg shortcode block.

This plugin contain 3 shortcode:

1) Display WooCommerce product in slider / carousel view

2) Display WooCommerce Best Selling Product in slider / carousel view

3) Display WooCommerce Featured Product in slider / carousel view

You can use Following parameters with shortcode

  • design: design=”design-1″ (Added a design parameter for custom designing. By default it will take design from wooCommerce OR from your theme. )
  • Display Product by category: cats=”category-ID”
  • limit: limit=”5″ ( ie Display 5 product at time. By defoult value is -1 ie all )
  • Display number of products at time: slide_to_show=”2″ (Display no of products in a slider )
  • Number of products slides at a time: slide_to_scroll=”2″ (Controls number of products rotate at a time)
  • Pagination and arrows: dots=”false” arrows=”false” (Hide/Show pagination and arrows. By defoult value is “true”. Values are true OR false)
  • Autoplay and Autoplay Speed: autoplay=”true” autoplay_speed=”1000″
  • Slide Speed: speed=”3000″ (Control the speed of the slider)
  • slider_cls: slider_cls=”products” (This parameter target the wooCommerce default class for product looping. If your slider is not working please check your theme product looping class and add that class in this parameter)
  • Loop: loop=”true” (Control the infinite scroll of the slider. value that you can use are loop=”true” OR loop=”false” )
  • Order: order=”DESC” (Product order ie DESC or ASC).
  • Order by: orderby=”date” (Order by product ie date, ID, author, title, modified, rand and menu_order etc).

Note orderby parameter will not work with Best Selling Product in slider / carousel view

Stunning Features:

  • Featured products slider
  • Displaying Latest/Recent Products Slider
  • Best Selling Product slider
  • Sort by category
  • Order and Orderby
  • 100% Mobile & Tablet Responsive
  • Awesome Touch-Swipe Enabled
  • Added a custom design
  • Translation Ready
  • Work in any WordPress Theme
  • Created with Slick Slider
  • Lightweight, Fast & Powerful
  • Set Number of Columns you want to show
  • Slider AutoPlay on/off
  • Navigation show/hide options
  • Pagination show/hide options
  • Unlimited slider anywhere
  • And more features coming soon!


http-equiv=»Content-Type» content=»text/html;charset=UTF-8″>lass=»plugin-reviews»>

Great plugin and support рџ‚

I am using 3 of Shopitpress plugins and I could not be happier, great work guys!

I had an issue with the plugin but support fixed it fast. Thumbs up

Great support and excellent plugin, recommended

As another user commented, the support is virtually non-existent despite paying for a Premium Plugin.

This plugin was purchased to combine Aggregate Reviews onto single brand pages as it advertises it can do. However, it doesn’t. It incorrectly outputs Schema with multiple errors so that the Aggregate Reviews take on the Price & Stock Status of a single product.

I’ve purchased the premium version of this plugin. Functionally, it’s pretty okay. I’d like other features, but it works fine.

Support leaves a lot to be desired. I’ve had two issues thus far. The first was asking about the how a function worked on their plugin. The answer I received was «Have you study that?». To translate, this was essentially, «Go figure it out, dummy.» Fortunately, the function did what I hoped it would do, but it would have been a lot better if they could have directly answered a question about it.

The second issue is even more egregious (in my opinion). As I mentioned initially, I actually bought the premium version of the plugin. I like to support authors financially if I’m using their work.

As is best practice, I do all of my updates in a staging environment. Their updater won’t work in that environment because of their overly tight licensing restrictions. When I brought this to their attention, the answer was to buy a license for the staging environment.

This is mind-bogglingly unreasonable.

This isn’t some unique situation. This is the recommended way to run one’s site, and they can’t figure out how to make it work.

I understand that authors need to be paid for their efforts. I’m not one of these delusional people who think everything should be free.

But their solution is completely unreasonable. Figure out a way for people to be able to update the plugin on a staging site without asking them to purchase two licenses for one website.

Have these people ever been a customer before? In what world is that equitable?


http-equiv=»Content-Type» content=»text/html;charset=UTF-8″>lass=»plugin-reviews»>

Eu estava com um probleminha, não conseguia separar os produtos, queria que cada categoria de produto tivesse o seu slide, procurei o suporte e na hora me atenderam. Super indico! A conversa foi em inglês (eu usei o tradutor) mas logo no início ele concordou em me ajudar em português, quero dizer que, a atenção e dedicação deles é incrível!

Eu procurava um plugin de carrossel, slide, para deixar os produtos com preço, título e o valor no boleto a mostra, este foi o único plugin que encontrei que foi bem prático e me atende 100%.


I downloaded the free version and asked for some help via their chat. They responded within 5mins, and had some css for me to add to my theme within minutes that fixed a conflict with the theme.

I then asked for some help to fix some spacing between the products, and more css!

Best response I have had in the last few weeks, and this includes some paid themes & plugins!!

Thanks Anoop.

Great Best seller slider

Great Plug in and excellent support, amazing support

It is very easy to add sliders and customise them. Support is helpful. You can’t ask more for a free plugin!

not working! destroy home page


Automatic Install From WordPress Dashboard

  1. Login to your the admin panel
  2. Navigate to Plugins -> Add New
  3. Search WooCommerce Category Showcase
  4. Click install and activate respectively.

Manual Install From WordPress Dashboard

If your server is not connected to the Internet, then you can use this method-

  1. Download the plugin by clicking on the red button above. A ZIP file will be downloaded.
  2. Login to your siteâ€s admin panel and navigate to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload.
  3. Click choose file, select the plugin file and click install

Install Using FTP

If you are unable to use any of the methods due to internet connectivity and file permission issues, then you can use this method-



  • New: setting to include fees & shipping in cart total
  • New: hide on checkout & cart page by default (can be re-enabled via the settings)
  • Fix: Incorrect total for when using “Cart total (including discounts)” in combination with taxable fees
  • Fix: Button to save settings invisible on some installations


  • Improved: Drastically reduced font filesize for faster page loading
  • New: filter to enable legacy custom ajax setting


  • Improved: Site/user locale detection
  • Improved: Textdomain fallback
  • Translations: Included POT & Updated Dutch
  • Tested up to WooCommerce 4.0 & WP5.4


  • Fix: include default classes when menu cart is the only item in the menu
  • Fix: cart existence check global usage only for old versions
  • Tested up to WooCommerce 3.9


  • Fix: check if woocommerce version constant is defined
  • Fix: Prevent fatal errors when switching eCommerce plugins
  • Fix: Persian translations
  • Fix: Notices when not using icon
  • Marked tested up to WC3.6
  • Marked tested up to WP5.2


  • fix label on price to display setting
  • Fix live updating cart for first product with ‘Always display cart’ setting enabled


  • Feature: Full integration with wordpress.org language packs (finally!)
  • Feature (WooCommerce): Option to display either total (including fees) or subtotal (total of products)
  • Feature (EDD): Native integration with EDD AJAX
  • Fix: Several improvements & fixes to WooCommerce AJAX integration for sites with server side caching
  • Fix: Cart icon on settings page
  • Translations: added Turkish


  • Feature: Option to hide theme cart from Storefront or Divi
  • Feature: Improved WooCommerce AJAX compatibility
  • Fix: Updated FontAwesome to 4.7.0
  • Tweak: load FontAwesome in separate CSS file to allow dequeueing
  • Translations: Updated pt_BR


  • Translations: Added Croatian, Hebrew, Hungarian (updated) & Vietnamese
  • Fix: Built-in AJAX for multiple menus
  • Fix: Textdomain definition and allow custom translations
  • Tweak: prevent loading cart when WooCommerce not loaded


  • New: Slovak Translation
  • New: Option to use built in js
  • Tweak: Moved JS to footer
  • Tweak: improved css positioning
  • Tweak: added js selectors
  • Tweak: Brazilian Portuguese Translation


  • New: Czech Translations
  • New: Greek Translations
  • Tweak: Seperated Item Classes
  • Tweak: Removed Unnecessary submenu classes
  • Tweak: Use get_total() instead of get_cart_total()
  • Fix: Prices show tax if cart prices are set to display including tax
  • Fix: Updated Font Awesome


  • Major Code refactor: CLEANER, FASTER, MORE FLEXIBLE!
  • Added: Shop detection for Multisite
  • Added: WPML String Translation setting
  • Added: Persian translations
  • Updated: Font Awesome
  • Updated: Spanish, Portugese, Brazilian, French & Polish Translations
  • Fix: PHP strict warnings
  • Fix: CSS for Twenty Twelve & Twenty Fourteen


  • Several bugfixes & improvements
  • Better AJAX integration with EDD & eShop
  • Various filters added for better theme integration & easier customization
  • DOMHtml warnings surpressed



*Changelog (27/07/20)


  • Function “Products purchases by current logged in user” added in the counters section, now you can display how many times a product was purchased by the current logged in user. Just need use the shortcode adding the product ID.

  • Now the function “Show only products from specific categories on the shop page” have 2 new display options to allow the search for products from others categories in the product search form and Hide products on non selected categories in category page.

  • Now the function “Exclude products from specific categories on the shop page” have 2 new display options to allow the search for products from the selected categories in the product search form and Hide products of selected categories in category page.

  • Now the terms and conditions checkbox is hide for logged in users.

  • Now you can choose if display or hide the privacy policy checkbox for logged in users.

  • Now you can choose if display or hide the terms and conditions checkbox for logged in users.

  • Now you have a direct link in the GDPR global settings to configure the WooCommerce settings.


  • Now the privacy policy text change the color if is not checked.

  • Now the privacy policy error notice message display the text “is a required field” like the other fields

  • Now the terms and conditions error notice message display the text “is a required field” like the other fields

  • Translation error in privacy policy link

  • contact button link, now redirect correctly to the contact form

  • style for accordions on settings tab, now they are displayed correctly when the device is a tablet.


  • Now the privacy policy error notice display the Privacy policy text with bold style.

  • Now the Terms and conditions error notice display the Terms and conditions text with bold style.

  • reordered all the functions settings.

  • English template

  • Spanish translation

  • Brazilian/Portuguese translation


  • Compatible with the new Easy My Account Builder 1.0.4

  • Compatible with WSHK PRO (old Custom Blocks & Redirections) v 1.1.1

  • Compatible with WordPress 5.4.2

  • Compatible with WooCommerce 4.3.1


http-equiv=»Content-Type» content=»text/html;charset=UTF-8″>lass=»plugin-reviews»>

I needed something quick for a last-minute request from a client. I found this plugin from a Green Geeks article.

The setup was super simple and fast. It works like a charm, and it’s totally responsive too. I’m impressed.

Keep up the great work.


Title says it all!

This is a five star plug-in IMO. It does what it’s supposed to do. It works well and it’s kinda cool. Instead of me describing it, just download and try it since it’s free. You can always just delete it if you don’t like it.

Would have been a good plugin but unfortunetly it does not works with Divi. Or may be this option is not include ? I just wanted to display the cart icon on the superior menu on mobile. Thanks for the job

Thanks for this nifty little plugin, straight-forward and to the point.

Using a WooCommerce shortcode to add products to the homepage

The first obvious place where WooCommerce shortcodes come in handy is on your homepage. This is an ideal space to display a dynamically updated grid of your latest products. Once the shortcode has been added, you don’t need to edit it again.

It will automatically display the most recent products, giving your homepage a fresh new feel each time you add new items to your store.

This is the WooCommerce shortcode we use on the Shoptimizer homepage to display recent additions:

1 products limit=»8″columns=»4″orderby=»date»order=»DESC»visibility=»visible»

To describe each attribute:

  • Limit – the number of products to display
  • Columns – the number of columns. This should be based on the number of products being displayed.
  • Orderby – you can arrange these by date, id, post__in, menu_order, popularity, rand, rating and title.
  • Order – this is either in descending order (DESC), or ascending (ASC).
  • Visibility – the products viewable within the shop and search results.


This WooCommerce shortcode results in a neat grid of 8 products, divided into 4 columns. If you want this is very each to change into a grid of say, 3. You could adjust the limit value to 6 and the columns value to 3 to keep it looking neat.

Using the latest products WooCommerce shortcode

Displaying the products in a specific order

But what if you want to display them in a specific order?

This was tricky to find this within WooCommerce’s documentation but after a bit of digging I found the solution.

1 products ids=»23, 13, 12, 11, 24, 16″orderby=»post__in»

This will display the items starting with the product with ID 23, next is ID 13 etc.

Using the WooCommerce add to cart shortcode

If you don’t want to display the entire product there is a way to just display the buy button. On the same post at the very bottom, you can see how it looks within the Shoptimizer WooCommerce theme.

The WooCommerce add to cart shortcode for this is simply:

1 add_to_cart id=»694″

You once again just swap in the ID for the product you want to display.


Displaying the WooCommerce add to cart shortcode within a blog post

In Shoptimizer, using this shortcode automatically picks up the button color set within the the customizer and adds a nice shadow. This helps lifts it off the page and provides definition compared to the other elements, making it stand out more.

С этим читают